Monday, March 1, 2010

Extraterrestrial Colonization

Just like how the Europeans colonized the Americas, is new colonization reaching into outer space?

My mother, sister and I were talking about this the other day. There are pictures of astronauts on the moon with the American flag. (shown above) Does this mean America owns the moon? It's such a silly suggestion. How can a country be in control of something that effects everyone? If America controlled the moon then they basically controlled the world. The moon has a huge effect on how the earth works. Without the moon we wouldn't be able to exist. This also means that in the future our world will be in a race to control or take over other worlds. Sounds really imposable to me.

One realistic discussion that connects to this is the suggestion of sending human life to other planets.
Here's a link to a view on this topic:
Is It Arrogant to Seed Other Planets With Our Form of Life?

I think it is a cool thought but I don't think people will actually do it. Not in my life time at least. I think we have enough problems in our world. We should start thinking of moving to other world yet. I do think that in the future we will move into space. Maybe what happened in the movie "WALL-E" (2008) will happen to us. In the movie the humans had to create a world (more like a resort) on a space ship because the Earth became unhealthy to live on.

When the Earth is in risk of becoming incapable for life, that is when people will probably think about extraterrestrial colonization. Its either for our safety or out of greed.


  1. How intresting hnostely I don't see people settling on a moon for fact of with everything going on today. I wonder how somone will test a space colony while a world in threat of nuclear war. I feel that earth isn't going end cause of 2012 to me I feel it's nueclear wepons. I had to see that movie Wall-e for a chem com project and it was a good movie. The space colony though looked like a resort it was really bad cause the people on thier couldn't do anything for themselfs.

  2. Can we do anything for ourselves now? lol. Kidding. Hey did you know you can buy stars!? Yeah i forgot to put that in the blog. You can buy stars. Own you very own piece of the universe!!! It's crazy.

  3. At the speed scientists are discovering new things, it's only a matter of time when we can actually live on the moon. There have been many movies where a planet or a moon is a colony, like in the movie Total Recall. Scientists are probably going to try to invent these domes where people can live. But would you really like to live in a place where if something goes wrong you die?

  4. Interesting topic you bring up. And when you say that Americans will control the Moon, I laugh. What gave the America the right to take over the Moon? In fact what gave any human being the right to go to the Moon and claim it as their's? Would we appreciate it if there was like on the Moon and someone came and claimed the Earth as there's? If the Earth isn't meant to be ours who knows maybe the Moon isn't meant to be ours either. Whatever the case maybe we can't claim that a certain planet is ours. We didn't create the Universe.

  5. I think thats so arrogant of us to just leave our flag up there. I understand we were the first to land there, but it was by accident anyways. It is basically the same thing as when Columbus came and "discovered" America accidently. But what right do we have controlling the moon? I also do believe that sooner or later we will move to outer space.