Monday, March 8, 2010

Crazy Jungle Pets

Do you know whats crazy that I hear a lot of stories about? People having crazy jungle pets! What makes someone think that having a jaguar as a pet is normal!? This isn't no cartoon world like Aladdin! You can't be Princess Jasmine and have a pet tiger! Wild animals can't be tamed. Wild animals are dangerous even though they might be cute.

Cartoon Princess Jasmine

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Reality Princess Jasmine

Look how scary the tiger looks and Jasmine is all scratched up.

A lot of tiger owners were malled by their "pets". Most of the times the animal doesn't mean to hurt their owner, they just want to roughly play. They may act like a pet but deep down inside they are still and animal. They still have animal instincts. These creatures haven't evolved to be household pets. they live in the wild and freely.

Some animals that have been taken in as pets are:

This link shows a list of the 25 worst animal attacks by exotic pets:

What i want to know is, is it against the law to own exotic animals as pets? If not should it be?

I think people are stupid for owning exotic animals. Whats wrong with a dog or cat? There are zoos that were made so you can visit these wild animals. Become a zookeeper if you want to be with these animals so much! You would rather get malled in the face!?


  1. I think it should be against the laws to own an exotic animal as a pet. What right does a person have to take an animal out of its natural habitat and stick it in a cage in their home? If they really want an exotic animal, I agree with your statement about becoming a zookeeper, or just buy out an animal in the zoo and go visit it there everyday. But keeping it in your home is both dangerous and wrong.

  2. Some pets reflect a person's personality at points. These people might keep exotic animals as pets to reflect a strong personality. However, in my personal opinion I am feared of keeping pets so an exotic animal as a pet is way out of the question. I think only those people who can handle an animal like a jaguar should be allowed to keep one.