Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does music bring us together or separate us?

It is a world wide fact that people connect to music. There is a song for every situation in a person's life, even for riding a bicycle! (I want to Ride my Bicycle: Queen)It's impossible to not connect to music. Music also has different genres. Some include:
Rock 'n' roll

Different people are interested in different types of music. There is some types of music you love and some that you hate. They type of music that you like shows others a little bit about the type of person you are.
But are genres in music just like "clicks" in school? People tend to hang out with the people who they can relate with. One way is through music. Music can help you make friends but sometimes people get carried away and judge others on the music that they listen too. Sometime people will only hang out with others who are like them, Music wise, like clicks.
The different genres of music also promote different trends that people follow. There are good trends like inspiring you to make a band or group and be a performer and bad trends like taking drugs, going gangs or suicide. One big trend is clothing trends. Here are some examples:



There are many, many more. Aren't these genres that cause trends what make the "clicks" in schools? Are different types of music separating people apart?


Even though different types of music attract different types of people there are ways where music brings people closer together. There are some people that like a lot of different types of music and not just one or two. These people become friends with people that like all the different forms of music. They are like bridges of the music genres.
Another way is through Disk Jockeys. A DJ's job is to mix different music together and connecting then whether its through the beat, sound, or just timing. They fuse different forms of music together into one amazing mix.

Here's a video of a DJ explaining how to mix different genres of music:

The songs were:
1. "Get ready for this" 2 unlimited, 1991
2. " A little respect" Erasure 1988
3. " Stay" Sash 1997

One more way different genres intertwine is through the artists themselves. Some artists like Timbaland, make a lot of music with other artists that work in a different genre "fields". Timbaland has made music with Madonna, Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake, One Republic and more. Another example is the song "Two is Better Than One" by Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift. This song mixes a rock band with a country/pop singer.


So what do you think? Do you think music is bringing us together or separating us?


  1. I think music brings us together AND separates us apart. It's a funny thing actually. The kind of music we like reflects on our personality as well and the kind of people we socialize with. The ''popular'' people listen to the rap and hip hop, the ''emo'' people listen to alternative rock and such. Although I do listen to rock (any kind-Punk,Metal,Ska,Hardcore), I don't like the label ''emo'' as it almost puts a negative connotation on the genre. What music we listen to does determine who we'll really talk to. Someone who doesn't listen to the same music you do will have less to talk about with you, while someone else who does, You and that person could go on and on for hours. Although, i can withstand the music on Z100, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift and KE$HA, when it comes to today's rap music, I can't stand it. I hate when everyone goes around singing that one line of a song I can't stand, It follows you everywhere.Its just annoying to me. But yeah, back to what I'm saying: It does both, brings some people together more AND separates some apart.

  2. I think it's both but music shouldn't define everything about us. I hang out with people who listen to all types of music like myself but the different genres do start trends and new ideas. We still can't judge people by what they listen to. The clicks do have their own lifestyle, some negative, and those are the people that group together. Music will always be international though.

    I love the idea of something being understood all over the world, without even knowing the language. The music within itself can exert feelings to people everywhere. When music brings people together it's beautiful and effective. I think it's great how genres are getting intertwined. It's opened my eyes to the genres of music I don't particularly listen to.

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  4. Hahaha, first off, you stole my idea for my next blog!

    Secondly, I think that music brings us together, and separates us all at the same time. I think that music is something people use to feel like they fit in, like a safetly blanket. The groups of people like 'Emo' 'Punk' and 'Rap' groups just get together, so the don't have to try to socialize because they already have people they can connect with. Sometimes I think some people make themselves like the groups just so that they can fit in, which would be called a poser, someone who mends them self to the expectations of others. There are some people out there, like myself, who don't like just one time of music, I listen to pretty much everything, and from a personal view, it does open up your view on a lot.

    And the video was pretty cool, the guy was funny.

  5. I think it depends on the person whether or not music will separate you from people or bring you together. Peopl do not ONLY talk about music, so if even if you have different music tastes from people, you can still socialize with them. Of course, you're never going to have something to talk about with every person you meet, that's just how it is. I don't think music creates the clicks in school, but that the kids use music as a part of that, which is their decision. Naturally there are going to be different groups of people who hang out with each other, that is inevitable. The real problem is that kids will be mean and shun other people who are not part of that group. If you don't have much in common with someone and no reason to talk to them, that is perfectly fine, but that does not mean you ahve to be unnecessarily cold to them, which is why I think it is the person's choice if they will let music separate them from people. You will most likely be closer to the people who share simalar music tastes, but that doesn't mean you have to dislike people who listen to that type of music.

  6. I personally think that it could be both. Music does bring people together and make friends. It can also seperate people into certain clicks just like you said. Say someone is into Fall out boy or some other rock band they would most likly hangout with rockers. I enjoy many different types of music. Im into anything from rock, pop, pop rock, techno, rap, Hip-Hop even some country. However that dont really seperate me into any specific click. I still hangout with everyone I dont judge people based on the music they listen to.

  7. in a way music both separates us and brings us together,for an example theres songs about us coming together such as just stand up which is bringing all breast cancer women together to be strong even though thet hav breast cancerthey shouldn't give up and then theres songs such as songs that talk about women getting abused sometimes this can get sertain people feeing as if all men are the same, even though its not true these songs have sertain lyrics that people can somtimes take tooo personal and take it too far....that's ust my opinion though