Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Right-To-Die

A psychologist named Dr. Eustace Chesser wrote in his book "The right to choose one's time and manner of death seems to me unassailable. ... In my opinion the right to die is the last and greatest human freedom"

More quotes from psychologists similar to this decision can be found here:
Suicide: A Civil Right

In some places, attempt of suicide is against the law and you can get in a lot of trouble for trying to end your life. In my opinion,if someone doesn't want to live anymore what gives anyone else the right to prevent them from dieing? There are different scenarios that may lead people to this decision and you may have different opinions on each one.

One is if someone is physically in pain. If someone is hospitalized and there is a small possibility that they can recover they might want to put an end to their suffering and just die. Another scenario is when people are in mental pain, like depression. Sometimes people feel like they are trapped and the only escape is death.

My Opinion: For physical pain I do believe that if someone is in so much pain and there is a large possibility that they will die in the end anyway; if they want to end their life sooner then they should be aloud to. For mental pain I do believe that these people should be helped. to like talk to a therapist and such, but if they try to end their life they should not be punished for it. If someone attempts a suicide and fails they should only go back to visiting a therapist.

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