Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teenage pregnancy is okay?

It's not new news that pregnancy is a big deal for teenagers across the world. Television shows that have been running for decades have had a character or two that dealt with this problem. For example "Degrassi's" character Mia has a daughter and it affected her school life. But has teenage pregnancy become such a big problem that there are shows and movies based on pregnancy alone?
Shows like "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" and movies like "The Pregnancy Pact" express the reasons behind teenage pregnancy and the consequences for it. Since all these shows and movies have been coming out, does that mean a lot more teenagers have been getting pregnant? Explaining these situations through media is a great way to make the young teenage mind understand the consequences. What I wonder is, is having shows and movies about teenage pregnancy a warning for teenagers or is it promoting the idea of being pregnant at a young age; saying it's okay?


  1. I completely agree that the media is the best way to address the topic of teen pregnancy with the female youth of America. Our generation today is very technological and the best way to educate the teenagers about sex is to have shows and movies about teen pregnancy and its consequences.

    But sometimes girls can go and say "I want to be on T.V!" and get pregnant just to be on "16 & Pregnant" But the girls on these shows only prove how uneducated and irresponsible they were when it came to sex.

  2. I think that both sides work. T.V. shows that revolve around teenage pregency give both a warning to young girls but also encourage some girls. However I also believe that T.V. shows give girls the message that it is also alright to publicize your pregnancy. Whether the girl had gotten pregnant by accident or intentionally media is telling her that it is alright to publicize your pregnancy not knowing that society isn't the way it appears on t.v.

    Media gives mixed messages and although some people know how to take in the message some don't and that is where media is harmful. T.V. shows are created for leisure and entertainment but some people actually take them seriously.

  3. i agree with you Angela. I do not know if the media is trying to prevent pregnancy or allow it. With all these shows coming out on television it seems to me as if pregnancy is okay, and that there is nothing wrong with it. Different shows on television like Teen Mom show how hard it is to raise a child, and that if you do get pregnant you still have options, how is that influencing young kids not to have sex? if they know that they have different options once they get pregnant, that is just saying that it is okay for them to get pregnant and have a baby then just give it away. The media is giving kids mixed signals. We are easily influenced by the things we watch on television, and at some point most teenagers will come to believe that it is okay for them to get pregnant. Is that the message that the media really wants to send to us?

  4. This is an excellent topic that requires much more discussion and research. Articles, links, stats all would have made this more succeddful.